Game On !!! Track the scores of your favorite backyard football, softball, kickball or any other home made games you muster up ! It's fun, quick and easy ! An application to track Two Teams or Two Individuals playing any game or type of competition ! Use The Score is ANYWHERE a game or simple competition breaks out. The Score Is works perfectly at a backyard game of hoops, community baseball or softball game, a fencing match, table tennis or when two siblings are competing against each other for how many chores they do or how many books they read. Going on a family road trip or vacation ? Keep your kids occupied using The Score Is in the car. Make up two teams and track how many Punch Buggies you spot or who can name the most songs on the radio by the time you reach your destination. Whenever and wherever there is a competition that needs an instant scorekeeper, The Score Is can help !

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Are you overwhelmed with the amount of passwords you have created in this ever-growing electronic world we live in ? PW Tracker is the perfect app for you ! Let PW Tracker be your solution to maintaining all the credentials you need to access websites, bank accounts, email and so on. Don't store your passwords in a cloud ! Do you know where your information is stored and who really has access to it ? With PW Tracker everything is stored directly on your device. No servers, no clouds, no services are used to store your secret information. We don't even make backups of your data. You put your data on your device and that is where it will stay. You will be in total control of where your data goes, where it is stored and who has access to see it.

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simple app to log your kiln firings (photo by Crystal King, used with permission)

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With Simple Math Tutor you pick the type of math problems you want to solve to test and build your skills. Choose from Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division. Configure the number of math problems you want to solve as well as the difficulty level. Level 1 are the simple problems ! I challenge you to go for Level 3 ! Do you think you can handle it ? This is a great app for kids just learning the four basic types of math problems. Spend hours and hours building up your simple math skills. Parents, keep tabs on your kids progress, the results can be emailed. Emailing results will assist parents with monitoring the progress and amount of equations kids complete. See the equations, review the color-coded answers provided and determine which areas need improvement and where excellence is achieved.

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